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The journey in implantology has changed in the past 15 or so years and today we are in the architectural era of dental implantology. Implantology begins after the implants have integrated and keeping them alive in the patient for a lifetime is the challenge. Implantology has become very Restorative-Driven today and, as such, the location of the restorationdictates where the implant needs to be placed and as such sets the blueprint for the surgical aspect of treatment.
There is a reverence for what ALLAH originally provided, and treatment today is directed at restoring that form and function. Form follows function that has been misunderstood, they should be one, joined in a Spiritual Union; I am speaking of our soft & hard tissue architecture .Our goal as implantologist should be to restore that lost tissue by BONE RENAISSANCE which is a unique philosophy encompassing the sequential and codified reversal of the bone back to its original 3-D. Engineered Divine Osseo-architecture by incorporating the avant-garde concept

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