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We are very conscious about the health of our patients and we always try to provide best ever hygiene instrument treatment to our patients. We are following the  new European hygiene directives, in which a high-standard surgical clinic will be transferred to dental practices. We are following European high standards in this regard.  In Multan we are leading and setting it as a standard as a pioneer. At our dental center selected oral surgery, oral surgery and dental implant surgeries are controlled.

Our Dental Center has been inspected and hence we are certified after the implementation of strict new hygiene guidelines as best practice. The water quality in practice and especially in our treatment units meets the legal requirements, controlled by the Hygiene Institute of  Pakistan.

The water is in our practice without the addition of chemicals is processed in such a way that existing germs are killed. The bacterial envelopes are destroyed.

And at the end of all networks, we get water into drinking water quality.

All over equipment are sterilized and we have a special unit for that. For us, the safety of our patients is foremost and we do not continue any treatment without availability of sterilized surgical equipment. We as a doctor realized our responsibility and we know the risk, the patients undergoes during a dental treatment.


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Saturday, 30 October 2010 19:14

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