Dr. Mahmood Qureshi

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Implant Dentistry is an integral treatment modality and with implants ~ the natural alternative of teeth a comprehensive therapy is possible: health, function and esthetics are completely restored. Dental implantalogy is the discipline associated with the complete planning, restoration and management of autogenous or alloplastic oral structures to restore the loss of esthetics, function and health of the partial or complete edentulous patients.

To achieve functionally and esthetically acceptable result predictable hard tissue grafting and soft tissue reconstruction procedures are required. It is today generally accepted that the autogenous one is the gold standard for hard tissue augmentation. However due to the trauma involved in harvesting of autogenous bone it would be desirable to use an appropriate and easily available synthetic bone graft substitute.

Oral Implantology have been around for many years but it is a magnificent and a fascinating subject expanding at a rapid pace. An understanding of the parameters required for the osteointegration of implants has permitted predictable clinical use. Bone resorption patterns are critical in the planning of treatment and being able to distinguish between early and late resorption is important. By being familiar with the different types of Bone Augmentation Materials and knowing their advantages, indications and limitations, we have the opportunity to provide choices and options to our implant patients. The best treatment for any patient is the simplest treatment which will adequately meet their needs - permitting to an acceptable level of function, comfort, health and esthetics. The current interest in implant dentistry is extensive, the marketing is aggressive, the training is limited and the results are mixed. The field of implantology is firmly established as a part of dentistry.

We have already organized several courses on implant dentistry, here and abroad and have virtually covered every aspect of Implant Dentistry. Now in collaboration with the International Institute of Replacement Therapy we are indeed fortunate to develop a revolutionary implant system - the “ARTIS”, Advanced Replacement Therapy Implant system. ARTIS developed from a very versatile and innovative concept and includes all types of root form implants as well as bone substitutes and sinus augmentation kit. This makes life more easy for a clinician to treat any kind of case coming to the office. Now I can say that after the development of the ARTIS universal system the amount of the available bone is no longer a limitation because by virtue of advanced technology and a revolutionary implant system like ARTIS we can create, re-create, widen, expand and manipulate bone.

The final and the 6th session of the first “One Year” Highly Intensive, A Multi System Course on Implant Dentistry will be take place on December 17. The first session of the 2nd “One Year” Highly Intensive, A Multi System Course on Implant Dentistry will commence on December 22, 2003. Moreover a workshop on “The Maxillary Ridge Expansion Procedures” and Immediate Post Extraction Implants will be presented on the December 16, 2003.

Keeping in view the benefits of the individuals interested in implant dentistry, our organization will be presenting a series of lectures, table clinics and workshops on the occasion of the 7th Pakistan International Dental Congress (December 16-22). If you need any help or information regarding the implant dentistry please contact the members of the Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry during the conference. It would be a unique learning experience.

Here I think it would be suitable to mention that my philosiphy is to pass on to others whatever knowledge I have. In my 13 years of treating patients, I have experienced all sorts of challenges. The most challenging are the ones what we refer to as the complete jaw reconstruction where a patient is missing several teeth and has undergone a significant damage to the remaining teeth and the periodontal areas. To restore these patients to adequate esthetics, function and health is not an easy job and telling you honestly that before dental implants, it was quite impossible. Today, when I look back on several individual cases I feel contented about what we have achieved and here I would like to share some of those achievements with you... We are committed to improve the status of implant dentistry in our country and to set the standards that others will follow.

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