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The journey in implantology has changed in the past 15 or so years and today we are in the architectural era of dental implantology. Implantology begins after the implants have integrated and keeping them alive in the patient for a lifetime is the challenge. Implantology has become very Restorative-Driven today and, as such, the location of the restorationdictates where the implant needs to be placed and as such sets the blueprint for the surgical aspect of treatment.
There is a reverence for what ALLAH originally provided, and treatment today is directed at restoring that form and function. Form follows function that has been misunderstood, they should be one, joined in a Spiritual Union; I am speaking of our soft & hard tissue architecture .Our goal as implantologist should be to restore that lost tissue by BONE RENAISSANCE which is a unique philosophy encompassing the sequential and codified reversal of the bone back to its original 3-D. Engineered Divine Osseo-architecture by incorporating the avant-garde concept

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Dr MQ's Biography

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Mahmood Qureshi


Fellow, the American dento facial esthetics

Founder President, Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry,

Co Director, the Clinical Research & Development Institute,

Director, Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry Continuing Education,




Dr Mahmood Hussain Qureshi

·        Is one of the acknowledged international mentors and a leading dentalimplant & oral reconstructive surgery expert.

·        Graduated from de, Montmorency College of Dentistry in 1987

·        Fellowship from the American Academy of Dentofacial Esthetics/Implant Dentistry in 2005, USA.

·        Advanced Certificates in Restorative Dentistry, (London).

·        Advanced Certificate/training & Residency in Implantology England

·        CE 1500 hours of training from Tatum Implant Institute.

·        Has placed well over 15,000 implants

·        He is the President of Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry; Director, Implant & Reconstructive Surgery Program;

·        Adjunct Visiting Professor of the TMI Implant Institute. He is the Fellow, Pierre Fauchard Academy & International College of Dentists USA & DGZI (Germany).

·        Founder of the “1 year” post graduate & a 6 month Pre doctoral Curricula in Implantology

·        Editor of the International Journal of “IMPLANTS”

·        In collaboration with “The International Institute of Reconstructive Therapy” he has developed a 2 IC Universal Concept which lead to the development of a revolutionary and an innovative implant placement concept. Bone manipulation is a reality in his hands and in the hands of those he has mentored.

·        An International course presenter; has lectured extensively & conducted over 700 professional presentations on Implantology in all over Asia, Africa, and Europe & USA.

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Clinic Tour

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Clinic Tour 


















altClinic Tour



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A team is good when it is harmonized and all enjoy while working together. This is the prerequisite for good treatment and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere that you will experience with us.

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the Unique Philosophy of ‘Treating the Untreatable’


We are interested in proving the highest standards of dentistry possible to the patients, who want to keep their teeth for the rest of their lives and consequently wants the highest standard of treatment, making the best use of time and the best material and techniques. We perform all aspects of dental treatment and all our dentistry is carried out in a relaxed manner with your comfort and well-being considered to be of paramount importance.

We care for the individual person who elects to become a patient of ours, and formulate a plan of treatment tailored for him or her, after consultation.

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