Bone Renaissance

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The Bone Renaissance: In pursuance of perfection and a comprehensive solution for success and long term stability of hard and soft tissues around implants, the MQ  has developed a novel concept emphasizing on treating the untreatable cases- the



‘Bone Renaissance’- a unique philosophy encompassing the sequential and codified reversal of the bone back to its original 3-D Engineered Divine Osseo-architecture by incorporating the avant-garde concept, 5 in 1 modus operandi:

‘SABIRIN, Stable Alveolar Bone Implant Reconstructive Integration Naturally; a major paradigm shift in re-establishing the natural spiritual union of the form and function. 

The SABIRIN components resurrect the lost contours of the hard and soft tissues with a long-term esthetic predictability. 

Based on the 25 years of experience, “SABIRIN” Rationale gives practical guidelines and presents surgical maneuvers to rectify hard and soft tissue deficiencies including segmental vascularized osteotomies, modified by MQ which has made this concept a reality.

 By virtue of this, it is now possible to treat single tooth areas to full arches with a stable alveolar bone and back to full function and the best possible esthetics.

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