Preventive Dentistry

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We help the people to keep their teeth and gums free from plaque and tooth decay. There is always a reason why teeth decay or become loose. Tooth decay and gum disease are both preventable, and every person should be able to keep his or her teeth (if they are in reasonable condition) for the rest of their lives!

We give advice and training on how to keep your teeth immaculate, and we analyze and advice on your diet and nutrition, in order to ensure healthy teeth and gums. We also prescribe and apply fluoride and  fissure sealants where necessary to protect your teeth and also give advice and training on tooth brushing and flossing.

We take many measures to ensure the safety of our patients.

These include:

  • Sterilization of all instruments using both:
  • Chemical sterilization and an autoclave sterilizer. The use of disposable (single use) needles and local anesthetic cartridges
  • The use of surgical gloves and masks.
  • The use of disposable cups for rising.

The above measures make certain that you cannot contract Hepatitis or AIDS at our practice and offer protection against all other contagious disease. 


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